What is CSA?


Thank you so much for your interest in joining our CSA share this year!

Here’s how it works:

So what exactly is a CSA?
CSA stands for community supported agriculture. This is a great opportunity for you (the community) to support your local farmers and “pitch in” while we do the hard work for you. You are purchasing a share of the harvest. Consider it a subscription to the farm if you will. By paying for the full season up front, you will then receive a box of beautiful produce every week or every other week, your choice. We do the dirty work - you just collect the veggies ready for your table!

Shared Risk / Shared Reward
By purchasing a share, you are joining us in the growth and production of quality veggies – farm to table. You contribute a certain amount of money (that covers start up costs, seeds, fertilizer, hiring help, etc.), and are guaranteed a portion of our produce. Since this is a joint system, you also run the risk of weather circumstances and crop failure. For example, if we get a sudden hail storm, or we realize green beans got a bug and all died, you risk the loss of that crop right along with us. However, you also reap the benefits if a certain crop does extremely well and produces a lot more than expected. You will always have top priority and receive the best of the best in your box. If there is an abundance, you will get the extra above and beyond. For both veggies and fruit.

Payment is due up front so we can cover the initial costs to begin our summer garden. Things like seeds, fertilizer, trays, hiring help and more are included in this. One cool thing about CSAs is that we can collect payment ahead of time and you will have 24 weeks of beautiful veggies to put on your table.

Due to the nature of this system, and the initial start up costs, no refunds can be issued once the season begins. If you decide you cancel your share before it begins, please email berryhillfarmxenia@gmail.com.

If you are traveling or will be on vacation during any of the weeks, please email us. We can either subtract that week from your payment, or you can arrange for a neighbor or family member to collect your box instead. Please contact us if that’s the case, before you submit your payment.

You can pickup your box on our farm or meet at our central location in Beavercreek.
MONDAYS 4-6pm 4066 Ranch Dr. Beavercreek, OH 45432
WEDNESDAYS 4-6pm Bombers Crossfit 2080 Beaver Valley Rd. Beavercreek, OH 45434
WEDNESDAY 4-6pm 7435 Cook Jones Rd. Waynesville, OH 45068
FRIDAYS 3-7pm Sugarcreek Farmer’s Market, Wilmington Pike
SATURDAYS 8:30am-2pm At the farm
If you are running late to the meet up time, please text Sarah at 609-774-4380.
If you do not show up to the meet up, your box will be held for one day at our farm. After one day your box will be forfeited.
When you or a friend/family member picks up your box, we will have you sign a paper next to your name so we can ensure everyone receives the appropriate boxes.

What’s in the box?
Each box contains about 8-10 items that will feed roughly a family of four. All depending on how old your kids are and how you cook/prepare the veggies. If certain crops do well and there is a surplus, you will receive those extra rewards in your box! Each box will be about the equivalent to 1.5 brown paper grocery bags. An assortment of veggies will range from greens (lettuce, kale, spinach, chard etc), cabbage, green beans, tomato varieties, pepper varieties, onions, summer squash, fall squash, cucumbers, beets, radish, turnips, eggplant, carrots and more!

Our season will run for 24 weeks. It will begin in May and run through the end of October. Biweekly orders will be sent on odd number weeks. Fruit will be included on weeks when it's in season and will include berries from our farm and apples from Peiffer Orchards.
We will also be hosting fun events this year like farm tours, work days, special events for kids to learn about the farm, and our first ever Farm to Table dinner event exclusive for members! All dates still TBD.

Is your produce organic?
Our farm is not certified organic, as this certification is very expensive. However, we do not use ANY harsh chemicals on our produce. We eat it straight out of the fields and would never serve something we wouldn’t eat! It’s organic without the certificate.

We are currently sold out of the fruit (berries) add on. You CAN still sign up for a weekly or biweekly box, just without fruit. Your regular produce box will still include things like melon, cantaloupe, etc.

*Be sure to select your pick up location before adding the subscription to your cart!

SOLD OUT for 2019