Spring Farm Tour

Join us Saturday morning, May 25th for a special tour of the farm. This will be your chance to tour the brand new growing field (and see the size difference from the new field to our previous “garden field”), tour the new greenhouse and what kind of production is happening in early spring, you’ll quite possibly even get to pick a few goodies to taste test for yourself! AND there may even be a flock of sheep out in the pasture that you can pet. Still working on that one :)

We will walk through the berry fields and show you what it looks like this time of year, about 6 weeks prior to opening day. A lot changes in those short 6 weeks! Raspberries are small, almost nonexistent plants at that point, blackberries are usually still covered in beautiful white flowers, and the blueberries begin dropping all of their flowers while the bees are at work.


Mark your calendars for May 25th! Time is still TBD.